Sunday School and Adult Program & Service

April 10, 2016 - 9:15am - 12:00pm

Sunday School and adult service and then our program:  Israel, Palestine and the Middle East -  A sociologist’s views with Gordie Fellman, Professor of Sociology at Brandeis University.  Human encounters have both historically and currently been framed in a paradigm of adversaries.  What is needed now is a paradigm of mutuality.  Professor Fellman teaches courses on Deconstructing  War, Building Peace, Marx and Freud, Sociology of Empowerment, Psychoanalytic Sociology, and Sociology of the Israeli-Palestinian Confrontation.  His book, Rambo and the Dalai Lama:  The Compulsion to Win and its Threat to Human Survival  (Albany:  SUNY Press) is a discussion of the paradigms he will present as  he relates them to current issues facing the Middle East, Israel and Palestine. 

Visitors welcome