Night Tree Concert, Sunday School & Adult Service

October 29, 2017 - 9:15am - 12:00pm

Welcome Night Tree the band that Brian O’Donovan, Senior DJ at WGBH calls “One of the most exciting roots-based music groups to emerge from the New England Conservatory in many years.”  Night Tree has six wildly diverse musicians including Kahal B’raira’s music director, Zach Mayer.  The bands instrumentation includes two fiddles, cello, accordion, saxophone, percussion, and the occasional viola and mandolin, and they incorporate traditions from Irish, Classical, Swedish, Jazz, Klezmer, and Afro-Cuban music. 

Preceding this exciting performance will be a humanistic service.  There will also be Sunday school.  Night Tree will perform between 11 am and noon and in addition will have a moderated discussion of its ties to the Jewism musical tradition. 

Visitors welcome

765 Concord Av, Cambridge, MA   Directions