Youth Group

Youth Group


Kahal B’raira’s Youth Group provides an opportunity for teens, 8th grade to 12th grade, to spend time together, have fun, and contribute to KB and the greater community.  Each year members help the youth group leader to shape the year’s goals and activities to match their unique interests.  One highlight is attending the HuJews Conclave, an annual international teen and college conference sponsored by the Society for Humanistic Judaism.
Here is a sampling of past activities:
  • Attending the Boston Jewish Film festival
  • Performing a “modern Megilla” and staffing booths during the congregation’s Purim carnival
  • Packaging items for a community organization’s Passover food distribution
  • Making a video. A recent video interviewed passersby on “the meaning of life.” Another video  interviewed KB members about what Humanistic Judaism means to them.
  • Visiting and discussing “Occupy Boston”

Meet our Youth Group Leader:  Jessica Moss

Jessica is a KB Sunday School alumni and Sunday School teacher.  She recently completed a Masters in Social Work at Boston University. and is now workingn as a social worker.

"As Youth Group Leader, I look forward to collaborating with KB youth as they explore what it means to be Jewish in contemporary society and investigate their changing roles in both the Jewish community and the wider world."

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