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B Mitzvah: Coming of Age

B Mitzvah is a gender neutral term for Bar or Bat Mitzvah. A Kahal B’raira B Mitzvah is an opportunity for the young person to take ownership of their Jewish education and explore what it means to be Humanistic and Jewish. 

A Kahal B'raira B mitzvah involves a process of self-exploration into what it means to be Jewish, and of how Jewish values are integrated into one’s life. Kahal B'raira means Community of Choice. Choice is a key element of a KB B Mitzvah - it can be whatever you, your child, and your family chooses. Our B Mitzvah coordinator will work with your family to create a B Mitzvah experience that is unique to your family!

How does our B Mitzvah program work?

  • The student works with a mentor or tutor to complete an independent study and a community service project based on their interests.
  • The student and family work together to create a meaningful ceremony, celebrating the young person's learning and accomplishments.
  • Some ceremonies involve reading from the Torah, while others focus on the student’s art, music, creative writing, or other interests.  All are wonderful – each in their own way!
  • Families usually begin the B Mitzvah process about a year before their child's thirteenth birthday, many KB families choose to hold the ceremony when the young person is a little older. Adult members can also participate in the B Mitzvah program!


“My entire family was very moved by our son becoming a Bar Mitzvah. The fact that the Hebrew, the prayers, all of the rituals, incorporated tradition but had integrity of Humanistic Judaism was especially important to us.”



“My son is bi-racial, and his mother’s family is African-American and not Jewish. The theme of the service was being Black and Jewish. I was told by many that it was unforgettable.”

Curious about our B Mitzvah program? Ready to begin? Email Lidia at

Sat, 13 July 2024