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Sunday School

Our Sunday School enrolls children in pre-K through 12th grade. We provide:

  • A curriculum that emphasizes collaboration and critical thinking.
  • A place for children to learn Jewish history, traditions, literature, ethics, and music.
  • A space for our students to celebrate secular Jewish culture and explore humanistic values, traditions, and actions.
  • An engaging, stimulating, fun, and welcoming experience for students of diverse identities, cultures, beliefs, and interests.
  • A Teen Club, for teens in 8th-12th Grade, which meets once a month to unpack and discuss issues of social justice and tikkun olam.

Learn more about our curriculum here.



"Kahal B'raira provides a place where I can be Jewish and I can raise my children in a tradition that is both Jewish and has intellectual integrity."


The Sunday School meets 14 mornings between September and June. Sunday School is at the same time as our Community Gatherings, so that both adults and children can learn and participate in Jewish community.

The Sunday school welcomes students with a variety of learning styles and needs.  A grant from Gateways, Access to Jewish Education, supports staff training and student education to promote access for all children and provides an ASL interpreter.

Families must be members of Kahal B’raira for their children to participate in the Sunday School.

Want to check us out? Visitors are always welcome! If you have questions about the program or want to arrange a visit, please contact the Education Director, Sophia Brion-Meisels at

Mon, 20 May 2024