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Kahal B’raira is a warm and welcoming community of choice. We include people raised in traditional Jewish congregations, those with little or no Jewish background, and partners and children of all cultures, races, faiths, and nationalities.

Benefits of membership include complimentary High Holiday tickets, participation in our anti-racism book group, support from our chesed (lovingkindness) committee, and most of all, a warm community in which to celebrate holidays and lifecycle events (including birth, B Mitzvah, transition, and marriage).

About Our Members & Congregation

  • As the only congregation of Humanistic Judaism in the region, Kahal B’raira attracts a diverse membership from across Massachusetts and beyond.
  • We are a welcoming community with members of all ages, both individuals and families, including Queer, interfaith and intercultural households. We are Trans-friendly and non-binary inclusive and encourage all of our members to share their pronouns on their nametags. 
  • Our members may be atheists, agnostics, ignostics, or theists who join together to celebrate Judaism in a secular community.
  • Few of us have grown up as Humanistic Jews; most have been searching, maybe without realizing it, for something that we didn’t know existed until we found Kahal B’raira.
  • Many of our members say that finding Kahal B’raira is like coming home to a place where we can fully participate despite our varied backgrounds and beliefs.

Why Kahal B'raira? Let our members tell you!


"KB has been a very special, warm, and embracing home for me and my whole family.

It's a place where what's most meaningful to me about Judaism, our history, traditions, culture, and passion for social justice, has been celebrated.

For me, KB continues to be a home and an adopted family of warm and loving friends."



"Most of all, it was the KB members themselves who welcomed this newcomer with open arms.

KB has a big tent and no one need flash their 'Jewish Credentials' to gain admission.

Simply the desire to join and holiding our shared beliefs are enough."


"Growing up in KB, I always associated Judaism with a warm, supportive community.

I connected with my classmates in Sunday School and have stayed close with my classmates through the youth group since leaving for college.

I carry this solid foundation of Judaism with me and know I will always be welcomed back."

Want more information about our congregation and what we do? Please contact Phil Katz, KB's Membership Chair.


Sat, 13 July 2024